Roji Lawyers

Consumer low and Bank regulation

Our firm is specialised in dealing with cases which concerns issues related to Bank regulation. We have the aid of one of the professionals with knowledge in the area of financial maths that could advice you dealing with contracts like swap, loans, banking discounts, credit cards, mortgage executions and others.

As a firm we are able to offer you the possibility to lead any possible auction, negotiate with your creditors, taxation process including movable and immovable assets, transfers of bank credits and issues arisen from guaranteed credits. We have good experience solving cases with “floor-clauses” and banking clauses in general.

We will enforce the rights you own as a consumer. If you think you have a product in warranty that does not work as it should, contact us and we will get the best possible solution for you.

Advice and more information can be required filling in the contact form or making a phone call to the following number: 952 211 011.