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Criminal Lawyer

Our firm offer special attention dealing with cases of detention and gender violence.

We are available 24 hours; in case you have a relative in detention or you have been accused of a delict, you can contact us in the following urgency number: 607 202 361.

If there is no urgency and you would like to meet us in person, you are able to ask for more information filling in the contact form or in the following number 952 211 011.

Criminal lawyer Antequera is formed by specialists in Criminal Law that can defend you in any judicial case in this field in which you are involved.

If you, a relative or friend have been arrested, do not forget that you have the right to the assistance of a lawyer of your own designation, both in police departments and in the Court of Guard. This is vital in order to provide you with the best legal defense in criminal proceedings.

To this end, our firm provides legal assistance for 24-hour detainees, including weekends, in all branches of criminal law:

Drug Offenses, Crimes Against Offenders, Violations, Crimes Against Officials, Drug Trafficking, Crimes Against Offenders, Crimes, Misdemeanors, Crimes, Misdemeanors, Economic Crimes, Misdemeanors, Gender Violence, Indulgences, Penitentiary, Traffic, Injury, Homicide, Offenses against Administration, Trials with Jury.

We specialize in economic crimes in Antequera, Fuengirola and Torre del Mar.

If you need help or criminal advice in Antequera we recommend that you contact our lawyers for the Assistance to Detainees in Antequera, Fuengirola or Torre del mar by calling 952 211 011.

We would like to inform you that for any inquiries about a Detention or Assistance to Detainees you can contact the emergency telephone number 607202361.

As criminal lawyers, in Criminal Law Antequera we will take care of defending your rights and representing you in court effectively.

Our objective in Antequera Penal Lawyer is to administer the best defense to our clients of the service, guaranteeing that their rights are respected in each and every one of the stages of the process.

If a minor is charged with a crime, such as a crime of robbery, theft, assault or violence, we will advise you. We can act as mediators with whom you have filed the lawsuit, write a juvenile reform file and defend you to get the sentence most favorable to your interests.

With regard to crimes against public health, they are usually grouped into those related to trade and those related to drug trafficking. They are classified as dangerous and this is intended to avoid a future injury to public health.
These crimes are included in the Penal Code and establish that those who execute them can be punished with various penalties, including jail sentences of one to nine years.

Ecological crimes are a crime that threatens the environment and nature and can very negatively affect water, air, human health and vegetation and wildlife, such as landscapes and ecosystems. Depending on the type of crime will have a penalty or else, the most serious as to cause fires, to give an example, can be punished with jail terms. The latest reforms of the Criminal Code related to ecology and related crimes have included the halting and demolition of illegal housing in certain areas of the coast until their owners are certain to collect the relevant compensation.

The so-called crimes against persons are those that go against the integrity of the person and against their lives, such as injuries, threats or harassment. In the case of harassment or coercion can be with or without violence. Threats reveal the claim to cause evil, its purpose is to frighten the victim and can be related to cases of injuries, homicide, torture …

From Criminal Lawyer we will help you with your case, whatever the nature, since we are specialized in the whole area of ​​Criminal Law.
We also work throughout the province of Malaga.