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Lawyer FuengirolaIn Lawyer Fuengirola have experience in this type of law and in examining and studying the working conditions of the employee and that they are respected. We will analyze your contract and we will explain your rights, so that they are not violated.

To make any inquiries do not hesitate to contact our team of labor lawyers, we offer you the best legal assistance from Fuengirola, with adjusted costs and with an adapted attention.

In addition to this, no worker can be discriminated against for reasons of age, race, religion or sexual orientation, nor much less for having a physical or psychic disability.

The primary functions of trade unions are to represent workers, to enforce covenants, to mediate claims, apart from others such as raising better work or promoting training.

In order to define the scope of application of these agreements, it would be necessary to distinguish between business and inter-business agreements according to the geographical scope. We are Lawyer Fuengirola.

It is essential to examine the size of the premises, see if there are fire extinguishers and fire prevention systems, good ventilation, adequate lighting, systems so that there is no pollution or at least reduce … and the work must be Well organized and continue some criteria.

If you are seeking legal assistance to inquire about this type of issues whether you are a worker or an employer, our lawyers will notify you in detail about the conditions of work that would be considered ideal.

The approach of the confrontation is to be formalized in writing and signed and dated, it will have to be presented in front of the Provincial Labor Directorate or in front of the corresponding body of the Autonomous Community.

In Lawyer Fuengirola we know that it is common practice to assess the dangers and periodic checks that should be carried out, not to carry out periodic medical examinations, to breach training and information obligations, not to take emergency measures and first aid, or to assign to certain posts Workers whose peculiarities are not compatible with the post.

A labor inspector can ask for the guest book, salary receipts, Social Security receipts, summary of exceptional hours, deed of constitution of society, documentation related to risk prevention, among others Many.

The visits of the inspectors can be due to a demand or simply by control and surveillance, in the case of demand the procedure will begin with the presentation of the brief of demand before the Provincial Directorate of the Labor Inspection of the Social Security or On-line access to the electronic headquarters of the Ministry of Employment and Social Security.

In this way in Lawyer Fuengirola offer advice on labor relations between an employee and your company or employer, with respect to your contract and against a situation of dismissal, if you have doubts we will analyze each and every one of the points of your contract to review that truly Are being fulfilled.

The unions also play an essential role in the labor field, our lawyers are specialists in its operation, composition, voting and how to proceed if there are elections or if there is any inconvenience or confrontation.

Employers have the obligation to warn their workers of hazards by complying with a series of safety rules so that a worker does not suffer any risk when he is in his position.

As professional lawyers we know how these groups are going, which are formed with the purpose of protecting and promoting the rights of workers in front of employers.

When a collective agreement has a place, this can affect any worker who is covered by the Workers’ Statute, although there are some caveats. These are the carriers, officials, members of the board of directors or autonomous, among many others.

An employer should be concerned and supervise that the facilities of the factory, office … are in perfect conditions, of the order of work, of complying with the relevant security measures, such as respecting the hours of the work day and not abusing the hours extra. We are layyers in Fuengirola.

Given this situation what should be done is to talk to solve the inconvenience and reach agreements between employers and employees, we can intervene and assist you in this process.

Strikes must be legal, so if a strike is decided, it must be communicated to the company and the relevant labor authority, during the days of strikes those workers who wish to join the strike will not attend their position and, therefore, They will receive the corresponding salary. Contact with Lawyer Fuengirola. We also have a lawyer in Malaga

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