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Malaga lawyer can make accessible to you a legal advisor in Malaga had practical experience in several areas of Law.

At Roji Abogados you will find attorneys who talk in English to give you the best care.

Through our firm you will discover:

Real State Lawyer Malaga

In Malaga Lawyers we have lawyers who have some expertise in Real State law. We can prompt you about the search of houses in Torre del Mar and additionally the adqusition process. We additionally advise you on the deal concerning your home. Our legal advisors will deal with all the lawful methods of procurement and educate you on the best open doors concerning buy, such a great amount for lodging concerning venture.

Business lawyer in Malaga: If you have to do financial exchanges or business on the Costa del Sol and particularly in Malaga, you can depend on the administrations of a lawyer had practical experience in Commercial Law that will prompt you about all the fundamental techniques before the Administration. We will likewise be accountable for checking on all business and administration contracts

We will likewise inform you on the installment with respect to expenses and every one of the exceptions to which you are entitled. Malaga Lawyer will deal with every one of these means for you.

Criminal lawyer in Malaga give a criminal legal counselor in Malaga on the off chance that you are confronting criminal procedures.

We can practice both the specific allegation and the guard. Our lawyerss have broad involvement in portrayal in criminal judgment.

In the event that you have to report a crime, we enable you to document the objection at the police headquarters and afterward amid the judgment, with regards to your interests.

Labor Lawyer Malaga

On the off chance that you are a business and have employed specialists or need to do it our legal counselors specialists in Labor Law in Malaga Lawyer will help you to make every one of the agreements and will make the strides with the Spanish Social Security System. We can enable you in any administration you to need to perform: contracts, good and bad times on the Administration, cutbacks, impose installments …

Foreign Lawyer in Malaga:

Malaga Lawyer represent considerable authority in all techniques identified with foreigners: getting a wide range of licenses, for example, work permit and residence permit. We will enable you to get them as fast as could be allowed. On the off chance that you need to carry your family to live with you, we will likewise make all the essential courses of action for family reunification.

What’s more, on the off chance that you need to work, we will prompt you about what permit you have to do and what necessities you need to meet.

On the off chance that you need to get hitched in Spain, you have to get earlier approval from the Administration. We will help you to make all the related plans.

Family Lawyer Malaga

On the off chance that you need to begin a divorce process in Spain you require the assistance of a separation legal advisor who will enable you to record a separation appeal. What’s more, the lawyer will intervene amongst you and your accomplice to achieve understandings in regards to care of kids, installment of support, logbook of visits …

On the off chance that it is impractical to achieve an assention, our attorneys will protect their interests in the separation trial.

Inheritance Lawyer in Malaga

What’s more, you may need to pay charges for the gathering of that heritage. A Malaga lawyer gaining practical experience in legacy will prompt you in insight about every one of the means you need to take to authoritatively pronounce as beneficiary and continue with the gathering of the legacy and in addition the settlement of the relating charges.

In the event that you have to do any method or legitimate meeting and need a legal counselor in Torre del Mar, our firm offers experienced legal counselors who can give lawful help in all zones.

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